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Spline Rolling

Michigan Automatic provides spline rolling, CNC milling and grinding, hobbing and many other machining services for shafts and gears.

spline rolled shafts, milled, ground gears
Spline rolled shaft 20/40 pitch

Why Spline Rolling?

Rolled splines are stronger and cheaper than hobbed splines. A spline that takes 10 minutes to hob can be rolled in 15 seconds. This translates to tremendous cost savings with no loss of accuracy or strength. Indeed, because rolled splines increase grain structure density and reduce stress concentration, they are stronger, with lower fatigue failure and better torque load ratings. Many companies are now engineering rolled splines into their designs to take advantage of these benefits.

A spline-rolled shaft: 3 inch diameter, 20/40 pitch, 56 tooth 45 degree pressure angle.

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